Will The July 26th Cookout Be Enough For the Hog Staff To Build Recruiting Momentum?

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As you remember during the 2019 recruiting season the major focus during the summer was on the Woo Pig-Nic. Head coach, Chad Morris and the gang were able to orchestrate a very good picnic for their top players and families. Atmosphere, food and fun were capitalized on and helped Arkansas gain commitments from six targets the week following the event. Treylon Burks, Marcus Miller, Enoch Jackson, Zach Zimos, Collin Clay and Adonis Otey all committed that week and it gave Arkansas heavy momentum heading into the 2018 season.

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We all know Arkansas landed on their butts, bounced back and were thumped on their heads last season but were still able to piece together the highest rated class unanimously by all the major recruiting services. Morris and his hungry group of assistants are at it again hoping to spark a fire in the 2020 class.

4 ⭐️ DB Brian George, 3 ⭐️ ATH Jabari Small, 4 ⭐️ QB Chandler Morris, 4 ⭐️ LB Martavius French, 4 star LB Bryson Eason, 3 star LB Catrell Wallace, 3 ⭐️ LB Aaron Moore, 3 ⭐️ RB Ty Jordan, 4 ⭐️ OL Ty’kieast Crawford, 3 ⭐️ TE Brandon Frazier, 3 ⭐️ DB Greedy Vance, 3 ⭐️ WR Mason Mangum, DB Dwight McGlothern and 4 ⭐️ OL Brady Ward are the 2020 prospects expected to be at the BBQ.

For the 2021 class Arkansas will host 4 ⭐️ DE Landon Jackson, LB’s Jai and Jalen Jones, 4 ⭐️ DB Dreydon Norwood, 3 ⭐️ QB Will Crowded.

The Hogs will have plenty of committed players attending the cookout. Will they be able to convince some of the big time uncommitted prospects to join along? You bet they will. Here is a list of the five most likely prospects to commit from the cookout:

  1. Martavius French- Arkansas has been on this linebacker since the contact period to talk to juniors was opened. Morris was in early and the relationship built over the previous year and a half will pay dividends.
  2. Aaron Moore- The Hogs are in need of liable SEC linebackers and defensive coordination, John Chavis believes he has found his man out of Murfreesboro, TN. After whiffing on several at this position back in February, it is imperative that Arkansas land this kid.
  3. Catrell Wallace- Another point, another linebacker. When you have a SEC type linebacker in your own backyard, you better land him. Bryant has been a powerhouse high school program for the longest and it sure is about time they are producing SEC level talent.
  4. Brian George- He was mentioned earlier during our podcast that if you can land him, George would add very good depth, maturity and experience out of the JUCO ranks. Could the Florida pipeline be on its way to back to Fayetteville? You better hope so. His height and athletic ability will help Arkansas handle elite SEC WR’s.
  5. *Garrett Hayes- He has not confirmed that he will make an appearance at the cookout but if he does you can expect him to commit soon after. Recently, we forecasted him at an 80% chance to become a Hog. Fingers crossed Hog fans!

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