2020 Running Back Turning Heads At Hog Camp

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Every single obstacle you could put in the way of John Oliver, he has climbed over, spun around, and gave it the DMac stiff arm. You name it, he’s defeated it so far. For the 6’2 230 pound running back, John Oliver is hoping to prove all the naysayers wrong. Oliver is focused more now than ever on receiving a scholarship offer from his “dream school” the University of Arkansas.

He’s too big, stop.

He’s too slow, nope. 

His grades aren’t up to NCAA standards, nada. 

“When Arkansas offers me bet I’ll commit that instant,” says Oliver. From Toledo, Ohio, Oliver has dedicated himself since the seventh grade of learning the history of the Razorbacks, watching tape of former Razorback great Darren McFadden and records his workouts weekly of footwork drills, flipping tires, running routes and PULLING TRUCKS. The kid is relentless and will work at all cost to earn an offer from the Razorbacks.

“They say I’m turning heads with my versatility,” said Oliver when asked about how his camp experience. “What about the Elite Prospect camp this coming weekend, John?” “Oh, I was blessed to receive and invite to return to Fayetteville but this time as a linebacker,” said Oliver. “The way I have transformed my body, displayed my hands and made sure I was perfect all day really impressed the Razorback coaches.” Oliver seemed to have caught the attention on defensive coordination, John “Chief” Chavis this weekend when they moved Oliver from running back to linebacker. “They (Razorback staff) said I have great moves and quickness at running back but I lack true breakaway speed. So, Chief moved me to middle linebacker and as soon as they did, my first play was a pick six to the crib,” said Oliver.

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As far as being as perfect as could be throughout the camp this weekend, Oliver stated there was only one lapse in coverage when he moved to defense. “I took a misstep and was out of position. When their quarterback threw, I was able to recover and still make a play on the ball by deflecting it.”

Before departing for home, Oliver received some big news from coaches and was told to return this weekend for the Razorback Elite Camp that many big name prospects for the Hogs will be attending. “It meant a lot to me. Chief (Chavis) wants me to come back as a linebacker. I really don’t care what position they want me to play, I just want to be a Razorback,” said Oliver. “I’ll play quarterback, running back, receiver or linebacker. I don’t care. I’m all Hog!” He brought up watching “Greater” the Brandon Burlsworth story and how Burlsworth worked his tail off and overcame everything that stood in his way to become one of the best Razorbacks ever. “I watched Greater every day before coming to Fayetteville this week. You saw with Brandon that when he prayed to God, he received the answer yes as he worked hard. That’s what I want. Speak it in faith and it shall come into existence.”

Razorback fans, if you aren’t already following John Oliver and his journey to make it to Fayetteville you need to right now. This kid is special!

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