Hometown Boy’s Recruiting Soon To Skyrocket


From the looks of things 2020 Fayetteville linebacker, Quade Mosier has a very busy spring break visiting colleges, meeting coaches and sending his tape out to be seen by them.
Mosier stands at 6’2 217 pounds and definitely looks the part of a SEC caliber linebacker. Ok 2018 he recorded 115 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles on the season.

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This week, the Mosier family traveled all over the south during spring break. They saw the coaching staffs of Oklahoma:
He also had a good weekend when he traveled to Houston for The Opening! He finished the weekend with the 7th overall score of 113.19, the only player from Arkansas lister in the top 25 and was the top linebacker in Houston as well.
According to a family member, Cody, he was quite complimentary of the talented junior. “He has a strong motor, plays out every down. He is smart on and off the field and plays with tenacity. Sometimes he is emotional but plays under control. He never plays for himself but is always the team player,” said Mosier.
“(Quade) is passionate about the game and very physical. Moving ahead, he is always trying to take his game to the next level, he is focused on having the best year with The Fayetteville Bulldogs that he can possibly have. If that parlays into a college football opportunity, nothing would please him more,” said the elder Mosier.
Recruiting is about to spike for Mosier and the only question is, “Will Arkansas offer soon?”

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