Loudest Moments In DWR Razorback Stadium and WMS History


There have been many times throughout the years that made Razorback Stadium and War Memorial Stadium roar. Maybe it was a the second play of the 2010 game against Alabama. What about the 2006 Darren McFadden 80 yard run to close in on LSU? AJ Derby’s 54 yard yard catch and run in 2014 vs the Crimson Tide was a good candidate. Let’s have some fun revisiting history with the help of War Machine on Youtube for collaborating with us for the article! We hope for more great times inside Razorback Stadium and War Memorial! In no particular order, here are the loudest moments in Razorback Football history:
Ronnie Wingo vs Bama
This was the biggest game in the tenure of former head coach, Bobby Petrino. The Arkansas Razorbacks were off to a hot start with a road victory against the Georgia Bulldogs. At 3-0, ranked #10 in the country and had arguably the best quarterback in the country under center in Ryan Mallett. Many of the Arkansas students slept in tents on Friday night so they could be first in line to fill the student section of Razorback Stadium.
The Razorbacks got off to a hot start with a pass over the middle and down the left sideline ran Jarius Wright. Then, Arkansas gets to the line of scrimmage with Ronnie Wingo as the single back in the shotgun. Mallett scans the right side of the field to confuse his defense and then this happened: https://t.co/VpoNmGo997
Darren McFadden goes 80 against LSU
The score was 24-12 and Arkansas had just called for a fair catch to get the ball at their own 20 yard line. With a date to the SEC Championship game already set, Arkansas was looking to finish 2006 with the most wins in a regular season in school history.
Darren McFadden returned to his hometown of Little Rock and he put on another show, displaying he was the best running back in college football.
With 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter, McFadden made the LSU players look like boys on a playground. https://t.co/0ACBuGjgjB
2002 Miracle on Markham
You cannot create a list of the most rowdy Razorback crowd without including the original “Miracle on Markham.” Arkansas was down 20-14 with less than a minute to go and the Razorbacks talented quarterback, Matt Jones, created a magical final drive to orchestrate their second trip to the SEC Championship Game. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G0TBOV2sn-o
2014 Rohan Gaines Pick 6 vs Ole Miss
As I came back from the corndog stand during a commercial break as Ole Miss was driving down the field down 20-0 and hoping to make a comeback. Ole Miss quarterback, Bo Wallace stood in the shotgun, his playcall was a fade wheel route for his his receiver. The same play was intercepted earlier in the game by Razorback defensive back, Tevin Mitchel. They were not fooling the Razorback defense this tome either. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G39O0kiqV_8&t=4s
2016 Santos Ramirez Forced Fumble vs Ole Miss
Another classic in matchup for the Razorbacks and Rebels. This time at home with the younger Allen brother at quarterback. Arkansas and Ole Miss were both looking for their first conference victory of the season. Arkansas took the lead for good 34-31with a jet sweep by Jared Cornelius. Chad Kelly tore up the Razorbacks both seasons but this time, with the game on the line and Ole Miss driving down the field, Santos Ramirez, had the most memorable play of his career: https://t.co/84LNyCmmQG
1999 Stoerner to Lucas
We all know the story of how Clint Stoerner fumbled the football with the game in hand against top ranked Tennessee the season prior. With Arkansas down 24-21, Stoerner was looking for redemption. Catch all the magic at the 8:07 mark! https://youtu.be/gN-wvM_Bfz0
2010 Mallett to Hamilton!
Arkansas coaches, players and fans knew the task at hand, “win this game and go to the Sugar Bowl.” There were plenty of big plays in this game but none more meaningful than the bomb at halftime! https://t.co/fCe82R9TRV
There were so many plays to choose from. Did we miss a favorite of yours? Let us know!
We hope to see more big plays in the future, especially with the TN🅰️ signees that are the future of Razorback football!

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