Arkansas Starting From Square One


Chad Morris is continuing his overhaul of the Razorback Football program after their “unacceptable” 2-10 season. A few weeks ago, we were delivered a sneak peak at how Morris was starting over by taking away the gameday locker room and Razorback athletic wear.
Linebacker, Scoota Harris, said Morris was “taking their swag away.” That is certainly okay because the current players have not earned their right to wear the name on the front of their jersey’s. A few players displayed the passion and effort of the Razorback football players before them. Until they show that effort, they will not gain their “swag” back.
Arkansas began their strength and conditioning program this offseason and Morris continues to deliver the message of earning their right to be a Razorback. This is how they displayed it today:

All pictures courtesy of the official Razorback Twitter.

How do they gain their athletic wear and locker room back? As Snoop Dog says, “Just win, baby. Win!”

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