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West Helena running back, John Oliver, is awful high on himself. He is hoping big things to are to come and that he could do those things at Arkansas.
If you have followed any in-state football player on twitter, John Oliver is one of those guys that pops out. He enjoys engaging with Arkansas fans and tell them all about his, “One chance. One blessing,” motto. His motto means, if he gets one chance to play for the Razorbacks he will take it.
Arkansas has been down in recent years. Many of the best in-state players in multiple sports have been spurning Razorbacks for greener pastures elsewhere. Oliver, who has the mental and physical tools to make it to the FBS level is here to tell us all we need to know about himself and what Arkansas means to him.
The first thing we wanted to ask Oliver was to tell us a little about himself, “Yes sir I’m a 16 year old, young man who is from Toledo, Ohio. I moved here to West Helena, Arkansas in sixth grade.” It is amazing to see a kid originally from Ohio, love the Razorback program so much!

“What made me vocal (about my recruitment) is the fans of Arkansas. (The fans) have shown me so much love,” said Oliver. He went on to tell us, “Then, one of my favorite college football coaches, Chad Morris, has been grinding and their staff. I feel like as I grow and get better I wanna (help) bring back Arkansas football,” said Oliver. It is obvious that he wants what all Razorback fans want. Get Arkansas back to national prominence!
He was later asked about his strengths on the field. “My strengths in my game are my vision as a power back, to be able to move to be big with some footwork and also my truck stick lol love that one,” said Oliver. He knows what he is. As a power back, he would be a huge compliment to what Arkansas already has, speed and scat backs.
“The value I have for my future school is to bring back Arkansas football, man. To be remembered like DMac (Darren McFadden). That really put Arkansas on the map. I want the same, God has a special plan for me,” said Oliver. It is obvious he wants to win and be remembered. All players need to have this mentality. Best is the only measurement.
He was asked who he compares his game most to and Oliver replied with, “Peyton Hillis, because we both are power backs but I also study DMac’s game, too. I also look at other running backs and added it to my game”
“Darren McFadden is My Favorite Arkansas Razorback‼️‼️‼️🙌🏾🐗,” Oliver replied when asked about who his favorite Razorback is. If you do believe the days of McFadden have been forgotten over the past twelve seasons, think again. Oliver finished off saying, “Because (McFadden’s) attitude and just everything about him was great.”
God has always been there for me, man,” when asked about his faith. “He blessed me with size and everything. I’m just grinding and praying to become greater. You can’t find big running backs who can grind or move like me that also have great character.”
Finally, we asked Oliver to let us know what he would say to if he had one chance to talk to him about his Razorback future at Prospect Day this Saturday. Oliver replied, “If I had one thing to tell Chad Morris it will be, “I wanna play for you so bad, man. To bring back the great, old days Arkansas had in Football. To run through everyone who’s laughing at Arkansas right now and take over The SEC!!!!!!! Arkansas Stand Up We Coming Back!”
Oliver finished his junior season with 112 carries, 452 yards and 9 touchdowns. His goal is to have a huge senior year and work harder than anyone else to achieve that.
It excites me to see a kid so focused and dialed into his future. He wants to be at Arkansas. You can not deny that to him. We look forward to seeing you grow and watch you dominate through your senior season at West Helena.
#RazorbackDNA 🙌🏻🐗
Take a look at his huddle:

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