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TQ Jackson is a baller from Texas who has been overlooked by the kings of college football. Luckily for Arkansas, the Razorbacks gained the talented 2019 prospect and hope that he can provide more playmaking ability that the current position group lacks. Jackson is a tall (6’2), athletic receiver that makes plays on offense and special teams as a return man. He is rated the 484th overall prospect in the county, the 62nd overall wide receiver and the 56th ranked player in the state of Texas. Along with the Arkansas offer, Jackson also was being recruited by SMU, Missouri, Texas Tech, TCU, Purdue, Kansas, Houston, Baylor and others.
I had the opportunity to interview this prime time baller and hope you folks enjoy the read!
Jacob: You have been very vocal about how you are underrated as a 3 star recruit. Being from a small high school in Jefferson, TX how has that affected how recruiting services see you?
TQ: If k was in Dallas or somewhere bigger like that, I’d be a 4 star or better easily. I have the size and skill set most of them (do not have). It didn’t affect anything though.
Jacob: What do you believe your skill set has to offer the Razorbacks beginning in 2019?
TQ: I feel like my all around playmaking ability is what I have to offer the 2019 class.
Jacob: Do you have a favorite player that you model your game around?
TQ: Yes, A.J. Green. He is a playmaker and touchdown machine.
-If you have watched Green during his time as a Georgia Bulldog and Cincinnati Bengal, you know how exciting he is. You should expect this and more from Mr. Jackson.
A.J. Green: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h6ieasiZ26k
TQ Jackson: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A6O77Z22i9s
Jacob: As most of the 2019 class, you guys have been very busy recruiting other elite players to Fayetteville. Who has made the most impact reaching out to guys on twitter?
TQ: It’s Collin Clay. No doubt.
Jacob: It seems to me that Clay is going to work as hard as he can to make this already special class even better. As far as experiencing Fayetteville, have you been able to travel around Arkansas? If so, what’s your favorite thing about your future home state?
TQ: I have not experienced much of Arkansas or the city (Fayetteville) but it what I do know is it is a beautiful city with a lot of things to do.
Jacob: Do you think the Razorbacks begin competing for SEC titles by 2020 and 2021?
TQ: Of course! We will be making a deep run by 2021. I believe in it!
Jacob: Thanks for your time TQ! Have a great day and we can not wait to see you making plays in the SEC!

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