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As I promised Razorback Nation and my Hog Pen fans, they wanted to read and hear more content from recruiting! Here is our first feature of “On the Trail” featuring Arkansas offensive line prospect, Dylan Rathcke. With just a small bit of contact with Rathcke, it seems like he has a great head on his shoulders, very complementary of those who have helped him get to this point in life and is a super humble kid who feels the love of the Razorback fans and coaching staff. Again, Dylan, thank you for the time and thanks for being our first edition of On the Trail!
Rathcke is 6’5 310 pound 3 star offensive lineman out of University Lab High School in Baton Rouge.
I was curious of how high school players see the University of Arkansas and its football program. Enjoy the interview and follow Dylan Rathcke on Twitter!
Jacob: Arkansas offered you last Friday when you visited Fayetteville for the Vanderbilt game. What do you like about Fayetteville and what does the Razorback football program have to offer you, if you decided to commit?
Dylan: As of right now Kentucky, Colorado State and Arkansas are Recruting me the hardest. Arkansas and Kentucky are leading in my recruitment.
Jacob: Did you have the opportunity to visit around Fayetteville? If so, what were some of the things you liked about the town?
Dylan: I really enjoyed my visit to Arkansas. I would have to say that everything went absolutely perfect. Fayetteville was beautiful. The program and facilities were amazing and more than I expected. The Staff and Coaches were so organized and genuine. Everything was explained to me and my family. There was not a question that wasn’t answered before we asked. I believe the program has a lot to offer me and I know I could offer a lot back.
Jacob: As a player, what NFL player would you say your game is most like?
Dylan: I am blessed to have worked with great coaches and a trainer since I was young. My speed and agility trainer, Keith Ballard, was a professional athlete for 15 plus years. He always showed me players to set my game off of. In middle school and high school I was also blessed to be trained by a NFL Offensive Lineman. I started working with NFL legend Kevin Mawae in the 8th grade. He changed everything about the way I played and felt about football. He knew that Coach Keith Ballard had my footwork and coordination and athleticism right. Coach Kevin just started me back to the ground up to play like a NFL Lineman. Coach Kevin also trained Dillon Farrell from the 49ers in the off-season. I can remember watching everything that Mr. Dillon was doing and it was so sharp and powerful. Once Coach Kevin started working out of state with NFL programs I started working with Coach Dillon. He had just retired. I’m still working with Coach Dillon and Coach Keith and I think I have modeled my game from both of them.
Jacob: Current Razorback commits are using social media hard, especially Twitter, to recruit within the 2019 class. Which commit recruits the hardest? And which one has recruited you the most?
Dylan: I haven’t heard from any other recruits. I have felt the love from the Arkansas Football community though.
Jacob: Thanks for your time!
Dylan: Thanks for the opportunity!

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