Letter From A Hog Fan: A Look To the Future


“Look fellas,
This has been a long first 9 games to the 2018 season. For the majority of the season, fans have seen progress and improvement being made week to the week. This past Saturday, we witnessed what? A step back, an unprepared team? A team that, when things started to go south, they turned it off? No, I don’t think so. I believe the offense has not sustained enough drives throughout games and although the players have lost a lot of weight and are currently changing their bodies to be able to play in a system that they were not recruited to be in. I love every single player on this team. They have put their blood and sweat into a program that has not won at the rate they expected to when they were brought to “The Hill”. There are a slew of quality players that had success during the Bret Bielema tenure but are not the same players they were under the previous regime.
This may be a 3-4 year rebuild BUT this recruiting class is a good start. Getting a boost from Kelly Bryant, receiving immediate help at the offensive line by JUCO players, LB help is on the way if Scoota stays and Caleb Johnson commits after what he said was “an impressive visit” at the UA this weekend. With KB coming in, immediately helps the young receivers. There are too many talented receivers that are going to be coming in that one or two could not stand out in year one and make this offense better. The Hogs are stocked at running back for next year with Boyd, Whaley and Hayden coming back. If Hammonds redshirts and Williams doesn’t transfer, RB will be again the deepest unit on the team. Now, time and time again, McTelvin Agim has said he wanted to play three years and to pro. Does Coach a Caldwell have any say so to maybe talk him into coming back for his senior season? I sure hope so. One more year could make a difference in a guy being a 6-7 round pick and maybe a 3-4. Who will emerge at DT though with Watts leaving? Does Carl Williams and Enoch Jackson, who already have the bodies of a redshirt freshman, are thrown to the fire early? Eric Gregory who is forecasted as a DE but has the body to add to his frame, be moved around the line like Agim? That’s ideal. I also believe that Carter plays his freshman season as well. Many of the other ends like Soli and Williams, have speed but their bodies have not completely matured. Dante Walker and Collin Clay Can help immediately. With Otey, Chavis, Brooks and potentially Catalon, Bush and Hollywood the D-backfield could be better within their sophomore or redshirt freshman season. They’re all studs. IF they can have success in year 2, the recruiting will certainly pick up for 2020 and beyond. This staff has already shown they can recruit very well. Will it sustain and continue to reel in better talent to the UA than ever before?”
As fans HogMan501, we hope so! There’s already hope in the state of Arkansas for the 2020 and 2021 classes. There are men like 2020 quarterback, Jacolby Criswell who has a LIVE arm and has legs to extend plays. A monster athlete in Blayne Toll who is already an absolute man in his sophomore year in Hazen. The state has also put out quality SEC linebackers and the small town of Ozark off of I-40 boasts Bryant Burns who has the potential to be a quality linebacker for the Hogs. There is also another linebacker in Catrell Wallace in Bryant who is already 6’6 and 210 pounds and he definitely has the body and frame to add muscle and weight. On the offensive line, El Dorado has a stud at guard with Dalton Perdue who is 6’6 315 pounds.
There’s a 2021 guy in Kylin James who is a running back that many are saying he could be the best running back in state history behind Darren McFadden. Little Rock Parkview boasts a trio of FBS level prospects with Landon Rogers at quarterback, Jaren Summons on the offensive line and the outstanding tight end

Parkview Tight End Erin Outley

Erin Outley. Errington McRae and Mason Brotherton are both tight ends that could make an instant impact along with Outley. The 2021 class is special and could have 8-10 4 star players in it as well as 3-5 mid to high 3 star prospects. If Morris can start to win in the 2019 season, I believe fans have only seen the beginning of what could be the best group of recruiters the Razorback football program has come across in a very long time.
So I say fans, are you going to support the Razorbacks even when they are losing week in and week out even though the future looks very bright OR are you going to continue to downgrade the football program, its coaches and the players? The latter accomplishes nothing.
As Vice Chancellor of Athletics, Hunter Yuracheck has asked, “Are you willing to UNITE as a state in support of the Razorback football program?” The “One Hog Call” was a sweet moment and for 3 minutes, the state of Arkansas was unified once but it was not for all. Here’s my peace offering: We see the present state of the program but the future is bright, will you come together with me and UNITE as ONEHog fan base and call the Hogs no matter what? I’m not saying it is acceptable that we lose in streaks because that is unacceptable BUT for the future and sake of our fan base, let us come together and “CALL THOSE HOGS!”

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2 thoughts on “Letter From A Hog Fan: A Look To the Future

  1. I watched this young man this spring against several good high profile schools, and he stood out like a man amongst boys. Blowing the D-ends and linebackers up, driving them 5 to 10 yards with ease. D-backs didn’t stand a chance on the with his jumping and catching ability.

  2. Erin Outley Parkview high football. Remember the name. I truly think he will be the top ranked player in Arkansas

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