Keys and Predictions: Arkansas vs Ole Miss


Keys To the Game:
1. Stop the Nasty Wide Outs
A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf and DeMarkus Lodge have been electric. Their size, speed and power are absolutely unseen for any wide receiver group in the country. Watch out for D.K. Metcalf is 6’4 230. He is not talked about much but is the most underrated of the group.
2. Run the ball!
Arkansas has a stud in the making in number 5, Rakeem Boyd. Boyd was the first Arkansas running back since fellow number 5, Darren McFadden in 2007. With the lack of run defense for Ole Miss, Boyd will have a huge day running the ball all over the Landsharks.
3. Code Red Out! All fans wear RED!
Arkansas fans are trying to rally those going to the game at War Memorial to wear red, be loud and create an electric atmosphere tonight! This could make a huge difference in the Grand Ole Lady tonight.
Josh: After a strong showing against #1 Alabama, Ty Storey and company should be full of confidence and ready to take the field on Saturday. I expect a great day from the offense. Ole Miss’ QB, #10 Jordan Ta’amu, has averaged 318 passing yards so far this season. However, most of those games have been against sub par opponents. Their only 2 losses came to Alabama and LSU. In both games, Ta’amu was under pressure and performed poorly, averaging just 155 yards passing with 3 interceptions. I predict Coach Chavis will have the blitz packages dialed up, keeping constant pressure on Ta’amu and essentially shutting down Ole Miss’ offense. Hogs win in a big way and get their first SEC victory of the season in front of a very rowdy Little Rock crowd!
Arkansas 45
Ole Miss 17
Klayton: So I say Saturday, we win. We put up 31 on Bama. I say we go 42-31with 3 rushing TDs for 30+ yards each. WMS will be loud and proud and OM won’t be able handle that and our D at the same time.
Jacob: What a lot of people are not talking about is that Ole Miss is playing wide receivers and running backs on defense against Arkansas. That should be a plus. With the running game emerging for the Hogs, look for Arkansas to be able to move the ball at will. Ty Storey will keep improving this week. If he can keep from having bad ball security, the offense for the Hogs may not be stopped this week. I say Arkansas has 6 touchdowns today, 3 rushing and 3 passing today all of 30+ yards. With the potential rain in the forecast at game time, the Rebels may not have success with their Nasty Wide Outs, especially with their showing against LSU in the rain.

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