ONE Hog Call


August 31, 2018 Razorback fans from all ends of the earth called the Hogs. From California to New York to Athens Greece to the United Kingdom and all places in between, Razorback fans joined in to participate in the first ONE Hog Call.
In Fayetteville, the Vice Chancellor of Athletics, Hunter Yurachek would lead the hundreds of fans that fled into the Fayetteville Community Center to share their own excitement for the upcoming football season. This could be the start of a special annual event that could stir the emotions for every Hog fan around the globe. Here is a look of the atmosphere for the Fayetteville location:
The Little Rock location was led by head basketball and baseball coaches, Mike Anderson and Dave Van Horn. Inside War Memorial Stadium, fans on the field engaged in a passionate Hog Call.
TUSK IV even got in on the action. TUSK heard all the Hog Calls around the world but had no idea where to run to!

The Hog Call was performed in offices, schools, on beaches, at army bases, Washington D.C., foreign nations among other locations. I will share some of my favorites here:
Which Hog Call was the loudest? Who did the best? One thing is official though, every Friday before the first game will be ONE Hog Call!

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