Top 10 Most Memorable Games In Razorback History


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The fans came together and helped put together a list of their most memorable game in Razorback history. I hope you all are pleased with this list. What are your thoughts? Was there a game that missed the list that should have been there? Is there one that is too high? Enjoy the list!
the game was in regulation, it would only get better.
Honorable Mention: Arkansas @ Kentucky 2003 7 Overtimes
This one definitely shocked me that it only had a few votes. Jared Lorenzon and Matt Jones had an epic duel of “you can do anything I can do better.” Tied at 24 Arkansas and Kentucky went to overtime. As good as

10) Ambush in Austin 2003: @ Texas
We are going to continue the theme of road games that just so happened to be Razorback wins. 2003 started out to be a stellar year for the Razorbacks. They started 4-0 with big victories over the Longhorns and Alabama. Things were looking up for the Matt Jones led Razorback squad. Unranked at the time, the No. 6 Longhorns were in for a surpise.

9) Swine Intervention: 2015 @ Ole Miss
If you love offense, this was a game to see. Senior quarterback, Brandon Allen, finally figured things out to win close ball games in the fourth quarter. Drew Morgan, Alex Collins, Dan Skipper, Hunter Henry and Dominque Reed all played key rolls in this game as well. This game looked awful bleak in overtime. It was fourth and 25 and the ball game was on the line.

8) Down goes the Tigers: 2006@ Auburn
The fourth straight game on this list that was on the road. This was the moment Darren McFadden rushed for 145 yards to burst onto the national scene and started his campaign into the Heisman race. After a blowout loss at home to the USC Trojans and a couple victories over Utah State and a game Vanderbilt team. This was the big one that catapulted the Hogs into the National Championship picture and was the highest rated victory since the defeating No. 1 Texas in 1981.

7) The Last Win: 2006 vs Alabama
In Arkansas’ first overtime game at home, this one would turn into a memorable one. Arkansas was on a two game winning streak after a blowout loss to USC at home. Springdale freshman quarterback, Mitch Mustain, threw the game winning touchdown pass to fellow Springdale freshman tight end, Ben Cleveland.

6) Seventh Heaven: 2001 @ Ole Miss
Matt Jones led Razorbacks and Eli Manning led Rebels. Arkansas would win 58-56 in the first ever seven-overtime game in NCAA history. Jones, Cedric Cobbs and Fred Talley all went over 100 yards. George Wilson had 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. The game went on and on and the players looked spent physically. Tony Bua ended the game, forcing a fumble to win the ball game.

5) Hogs Run Wild: @ LSU 2007
In what turned out to be the final game coached by Head Coach Houston Nutt, Arkansas would put a stamp to the 2007 regular season against No. 1 LSU, the Hogs would upset the eventual National Champion Tigers 50-48 in triple-overtime. Darren McFadden (206 yards rushing, 3 touchdowns), Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis ran wild over the vaunted Tiger defense.

4) Pour Some Sugar On Me: LSU 2010
Ryan Mallett went 13-23, 323 yards and 3 touchdowns as he led Arkansas to their first BCS bowl game and second 10 wins season in 4 years. Knile Davis ran for 154 yards and a touchdown as well. There were so many memorable plays in this game. Cobi Hamilton’s 85 yard touchdown down the sideline, Hamilton’s touchdown reception with 0:06 left to go in the half or Joe Adam’s 4th down touchdown reception to seal the Hogs victory. It was a memorable afternoon for Hog fans everywhere. The Hogs were riding high in the third season under Bobby Petrino.

3) Redemption: Tennessee 1999
Arkansas was 8-0 heading into the game against the eventual national champions. A Stoerner fumble stumbling on the foot of the late Brandon Burlsworth, Arkansas ultimately could not hold on.  With the exact same score from the year before, 24-21, Arkansas was driving down the field and magic happened.

2) 1978 Orange Bowl vs Oklahoma
Arkansas head coach, Lou Holtz, had to suspend his top two running backs. The Hogs were 18 point underdogs but would dominate in one of the biggest upsets in bowl history.  Roland Sales would rush for a then Orange Bowl record 205 yards.  Arkansas would finish the year 11-1 and #3 while Oklahoma finished 10-2 and #7.


  • Miracle on Markham: LSU 2001

Down 20-14 to LSU and a trip to the SEC Championship game on the line, Matt Jones took the field to lead the Razorbacks with 20 seconds left to go in the ball game against the #17 Tigers. Jones would hit DeCori Birmingham for a 31-yard touchdown to give Arkansas the 21-20 win.

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